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GameSheet is the new app we will be using on the iPads at DPIA and CCC instead of a paper scoresheet.

If you have any questions, GameSheet will be supporting all WAHA Associations with weekly open Q & A sessions on Zoom, through November 30th: 

  • Team Specific – Coach/Manager – Mondays @ 7:00 PM CT (8pm ET) (through 11/27)
  • Scorekeeper Specific – Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM CT (8pm ET) (through 11/28)
  • League Admin / Tournament Directors – Web Integration – Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM CT (8pm ET) (through 11/30)


The Zoom Link for All Training Sessions is:

Scoresheet labels

These are needed to adhere to the scoresheets for each game. You will need 4 labels per game (for each layer of the scoresheet) so make sure you have plenty on hand for road games and tournaments.

Directions for filling out/printing:

  • Open the file in Excel
  • Fill out the top left form, the rest will auto-populate for you
  • Print using "Fit to one page wide, one page tall" setting
  • Use Avery Labels #8163/18163

Below is a document explaining how to fill out the score sheets. Team managers will need to get them ready but Parent volunteers will need to keep track during the games.

Game stats

You will need to fill out this sheet after every game based on the scoresheets. Your coach may have you email this to him weekly or you could use Google Sheets to update it and give them access to it (this is nice because it is always the most current version). 

parent assignments

For all home games, there will need to be volunteers to run the clock, penalty boxes and fill out the scoresheets. It is easier if you assign parents to these roles at the beginning of the season and send out a sheet so that they know their assignments. It will then be their responsibility to get someone to trade with them if they cannot make a certain game. 

Keep in mind that the schedule changes during the season and games may be cancelled or added. 

Another note to remember is to not schedule the coach's family to this. They are already on the ice for the game.

How to run the scoreboard/penalty box:

pocket roster card

This is nice to hand out to the parents at the beginning of the season when everyone is getting to know each other. Having the parent's names along with the kid's names makes it easier to remember everyone and yell the right name when cheering! Some people choose to laminate these or even order business cards for cheap to make them more durable, but anything is better than nothing for most parents!

Directions for filling out/printing:

  • Open the file in Excel
  • Fill out the top left form, the rest will auto-populate for you
  • Print using Avery Labels #5371 if desired, or print and cut out

sample email layout

A sample email layout that is recommended when contacting your team. Usually the Team Manager takes care of team correspondence for the Head Coach. If you do this on Sunday evenings, it helps your team parents plan for the week ahead and it will cut back on the number of questions you have to answer during the week.

This email is broken down into four sections that are easy to reference as the week goes on : Recap, Upcoming Practice, Games, Other News.

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