DPYH Board Application

Please fill out the form below to express interest in joining the DPYH Board of Directors. Descriptions of all Board Positions are listed below.

Board Member Duty Descriptions

Executive Board (2 year terms)


Leads the Board of Directors. Conducts the business and meetings of the Board of Directors. Assures committees are working toward an end goal consistent with our Mission. Facilitates the association's relationships with related parties (WAHA/USA). 

Vice President

Responsible for all hockey operation matters within the association. Serves as a liaison between the Board and the Operations Committee. Active member of the Executive Committee. 


Responsible for management of DPYH funds. Serves as a liaison between the Board and Finance Committee. Active member of the Executive Committee. 


Responsible for communication matters in all areas of the association. Records and distributes minutes of the Board meetings. Active member of the Executive Committee and Communications Committee. Serves as liaison between the Board and the Communications Committee. 


ACE Coordinator

Selects and develops DPYH coaching staff. Incorporate the USA and WAHA development models into the DPYH program. Active member of the Operations Committee. Serves as a liaison between the coaches and the Board. 

Equipment Manager

Responsible for the purchase, maintenance and distribution of equipment for the association. Maintains control of keys for equipment lockers and ensures master keys are provided to the President.


Works under the direction of the Operations Committee. Responsible for obtaining and dispensing all ice time. Oversees the rescheduling of ice time, exchange of ice time, and cancellation of ice time. 


Assists in the preparation and distribution of registration materials. Ensures all required information and forms have been completed and returned with registration paperwork. Updates membership database and forwards information to appropriate individuals/committees. 

Tournament Director

Organizes and promotes all home tournaments. Receives applications for designated DPYH tournaments. Coordinates with rink staff, referees, fundraising, and team representatives in regard to home tournaments. 

Fundraising Coordinator 

Organizes all fundraising efforts. Works with the Board to identify association funding needs. 

Communications Coordinator 

Manages DPYH website and routes association information to members. Member of the Communications Committee. 

Event/Volunteer Coordinator 

Coordinates and secures volunteers for all events. Administers the volunteer program credits. 

Assistant Treasurer 

Responsible for assisting the Treasurer in management of DPYH funds. 

Recruitment Coordinator

Responsible for marketing to our target demographic and bring new families to DPYH. In charge of Social Media.

Officials Coordinator

Works under the direction of the Scheduler. Responsible for maintaining active Officials list, communicating with Officials about training opportunities, recruiting new Officials. Checks to make sure Officials have been assigned to games, works with WHOA and FRIHOA. Works with Treasurer to submit payments for games.

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