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March Meltdown

March Meltdown Refund Information

First, I want to thank everyone for their patience.  As you can imagine March has been crazy.  Just after the start of March, my work life became crazy as my company started preparing for the Corona outbreak.  Then started all the cancellations of our lives. 

With that said, I am working on catching up with all the hockey issues in-between the craziness of work.  The first item that I am addresses is the March Meltdown.  As you are aware, this year's event was also a benefit for our wonderful coach JP Coppo. 

I am opening up three options for your payments.


1) Donate your registration for March Meltdown to the fund for Coach JP.


2) If you are continuing on with De Pere Youth Hockey, I ask that you apply this registration as a credit to your account that can be use for Summer Hockey or next years fees.


3) With patience, I will issues refunds.  Please remember all refund checks need two signatures so there needs to be patience to see the refund. 


Please respond back to so I know how to continue with your refund.


Thank you so much for your patience during this process.

Kristie Ott