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Coach for DPYH!

WOW!  What a crazy year this has been so far!  Its July, and last year at this time we were already doing coaching interviews.  Covid has slowed us down, but it certainly hasn’t stopped us, and here we are gearing up for another exciting DePere Youth Hockey Season!  We’d like to take this opportunity to invite all potential coaches, either new or returning, to get signed up for the upcoming season.

The Operation’s Committee will conduct interviews for A level head coaching positions as soon as we get the coaching applications in, exact time TBD.   Additional interviews for the B and C head coach positions may occur depending on placements after tryouts and how many coaches have a desire to be head coach at those levels.

To participate in DPYH on or off ice hockey season events ALL Coaches are required to complete the requirements as outlined by USA Hockey, WAHA, and DPYH.   Coaches are required to have the following:

  • Register as a Member of USA Hockey (Before Fall Warm-up)
  • USA Hockey Coaching Certification (Before End of 2020)
  • USA Hockey Age Specific Module per the level of play (Before Team Practice)
  • USA Hockey Safe Sport Training (Before Team Practice)
  • WAHA Background Screening (Before Team Practice)

The Operations Committee will be available to help all coaches to ensure the proper level of certifications are met.  The costs associated with obtaining coaching credentials are reimbursed by DPYH ONLY if the proper form is filled out and submitted to the DPYH treasurer. 

Attached is an application that we ask all perspective coaches to fill out and return to the DPYH Ace Coordinator ASAP.  All applications will need to be submitted to the DPYH ACE Coordinator via email at  In the subject please put, “DPYH COACHING APPLICATON FOR [Your Name]”

Should you have any questions regarding becoming a coach for DPYH please feel free to contact the Ace Coordinator or any member of the Operations Committee.

Coaching for DPYH Hockey is a very fun and rewarding experience!  We hope that you take this opportunity either as a returning coach or new to the program!

Thank you all for your consideration! We are looking forward to working with you this season!

Matt Jensen

DPYH ACE Coordinator


Quotes from Ludek Bukac

  • Coaching requires ongoing self-education
  • Find your superiority and make use of it
  • The team is your business card
  • Technique is a craft, playing is an art
  • Do not look, LEARN to see
  • If you take the puck away from the boards, immediately turn to face the rink
  • High-speed makes scoring harder, sometimes it is better to slow down
  • Your hands do what your head wants; legs carry you, so work on your legs
  • Your form is your fuel; your technique is a mechanism
  • Performers juggle, players create
  • Your stick is a tool you must learn to handle
  • A mentally strong individual does not give up, but fights
  • If you observe, you will see and understand
  • Losing courage means losing everything
  • Use your first chance, another might not come
  • Be yourself, but cooperate
  • At the right time, at the right place and with your stick on the ice
  • Do not forget! Youth is a chance that comes around only once in life
  • Active rest and involvement in pleasant activities
  • Athleticism-exercises with direct action
  • Work on your players weaknesses day and night
  • Habit is a qualitative demonstration of movement
  • Abolish mandatory direction and give young players independence
  • During a game a benched player has no hope to improve his/her performance
  • Teaching of technique knows no limits
  • Success comes, however when technique becomes habit